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Quality of Life When you Live Overseas vs. Living on Faith in the USA

living on faith by Dave vonKleistAs the numbers of expats continues to increase in the “less developed” countries of the world, those who have made this life changing decision are expressing their reasons for leaving their respective countries in different ways than before.

In years past, people expressed a desire to live in a different climate, or an interest in experiencing other cultures and learning a new language. Of course, there are many who wanted to make their dollars go farther in a country where living expenses were much lower than in North America or Europe. All these are valid reasons for setting up shop in a new location, but the world climate has changed drastically in the past decade and has presented several more important reasons that some people now find it necessary to leave their home countries. One of the main reasons is that many feel they have lost their faith in the hope that things will get better. read the full article

Today’s Expat or Tomorrow’s Refugee?

todays expatThere are increasing numbers of Americans who are not only emigrating to other countries, but are renouncing their American citizenship as well. This trend has not been widely reported, but the coverage by mainstream publications such as the NY Times andTime Magazine of this growing practice indicates that this is not merely a passing phase. However, the major media has diverted attention on the economic rather than the political reasons for people fleeing the US.

It has now become common knowledge that the Federal Reserve Bank is not a part of the US government and is in fact controlled by a handful of banking families who have been at the helm of the US economy for several generations. read the full article

The Patriotic Expat

patriotic expat dave vonKleistAs Independence Day 2010 passes, I can’t help but reassess my values, my country and the reasons I made the decision to leave the U.S. and make an attempt to find peace and security elsewhere. Let me give you a few examples as to why many of us have decided to step back from the heat of the burning barn…

Independence Day happens to fall on the date “July 4th”. The holiday was created to observe and appreciate the Declaration of Independence, which was penned by Thomas Jefferson. I would be willing to bet the farm that the thought has never occurred to most Americans to sit down for 5 minutes and read this most important founding document. When is the last time you read it? Hmm… Can you imagine what would happen if Americans actually read it? read the full article

“Why?” (Again!)

pressing issues“Why do you want to leave your country?” people continue to ask. Pardon my cynicism, but after assessing the present world situation and comparing it to the past decades of activism, protests and attempts to affect a change in the U.S., any thinking person would have to ask, “What has changed?”

After my first attempt to answer this undying question as to why more people are leaving their respective countries to find greener pastures, the responses indicated that some folks still could not understand the reasons for becoming an “expat”. Ok. I will lay it on the line, but please don’t get upset because you perceive this treatise to be some kind of political statement. This has nothing whatsoever to do with “politics”, republicans, democrats, liberals, conservatives, or right vs. left, etc. It is simply a view of the world that apparently is shared by an increasing number of people who have come to the realization of the sad fact that you just can’t stop the corporate beast. read the full article

Health Care in Argentina vs. the US Monolith

healthcare in the US by dave vonKleistA major concern for many potential expats is what kind of health care is available in the prospective country being considered for relocation. We have all been told about those “quacks” and “snake oil salesmen” who set up shop south of the border so they can bilk the unsuspecting of their monies. Of course, the label “Third World” is thrown around liberally and gives the impression that health care in those developing countries is not only sub-standard, but risky and possibly life-threatening.

Thanks to the omnipotent mainstream media and their unquestionable integrity, most Americans “know” there is no cure for cancer or any other life threatening disease. The Hoxey clinic and the Gerson institute that have set up shop in other countries have enjoyed success rates of over 90% for people diagnosed with a terminal condition. But of course, big pharma and the allopathic medical community would themselves suffer a terminal condition if the alternative methodology utilized by these so-called “charlatons” was to gain recognition and acceptance. As a result, most Americans are wary of having to leave the systems they are familiar with and seek treatment elsewhere because of fear of the unknown. Read on. You might find out why.  read the full article

Living in a Third World Latin American Country

BYO-186x300What follows is a response to an email I received after my article, “Why?” was posted at “Expat Daily News”.

I felt that the questions that were raised represented a mix of valid inquiries and misconceptions of what living abroad was all about.

It is not a practice of mine to answer emails in a public forum, but the points made were valid ones and it seemed right to share them along with my responses.

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