Dave vonKleist

I am Dave vonKleist and first off, I want to thank you for visiting my website!

Here you will find a collection of my past works, a mix of music, video, commentary and opinions compiled from my career spanning  over three decades.

Music, voices, humor, drama, social and political responsibility. These are the values and aspirations that have guided and directed my life. Through the years, I have been blessed with the opportunities to express myself through my music and voice in ways that  I could never have dreamed of.

I must say, It’s been a wild ride the past thirty years, being a musician, performer, comedian,  teacher, activist, talk-show host,  public speaker, video producer and I am proud of what I have accomplished.

To answer the question – Where in the world is Dave vonKleist? – Since 2009, I have been living in Argentina and during the past few years I have taken time out, reflecting and reconnecting with the more important things in life, with domestic and family issues along with music being the priority.

To those of you who were fans during my years on “The Power Hour”, I want to thank you all for your years of support. I never had the chance to do so on the air. For anyone wondering what happened between Dave vonKleist and Joyce Riley, we simply went our separate ways.

To those of you who were inspired and motivated into action by the 9/11 videos, again, I thank you as well. I can only hope that someday there will be open and honest discussions about what happened that horrible day, without the personal attacks and ridicule that goes along with raising questions that some feel shouldn’t be discussed.

For the full story, read the interview posted on Escape From America Magazine – When a Patriotic American Becomes an Expatriate, You Know it’s Time to Escape From America

And to those of you who actually believe some of the slanderous postings on the web, without doing the slightest bit of research into who is posting, understand that you are a part of the problem.

Anyway, please poke around the site and feel free to share what you find with friends and family.

I have posted some of my work here for free! Please know that it’s not about money, it never was. It’s about sharing!

It is my hope that my knowledge and experience will lend themselves to providing creative talents in the form of narration, character voices and music to those who are in need of the services I can provide.

Dave vonKleist


7 thoughts on “Dave vonKleist”

  1. I see your docs, about Nueve Once and Yes there show EVIL at work and as you may know this EVIL people, party goes by several names some of them the ILLUMINATI or SKULLS and BONES their main purpose is to keep America forever indebted and wage wars all over the world this EVIL has taken root in America and needs to be WEEDED OUT and BRING GOD in and keep EVIL out


  2. Just got done watching 911: in plane site. I have only been awake for a few years, but am amazed at your courage back then. Thank you for your hard work, determination and courage.


    1. Thanks Tom, be sure to watch the sequel, “911 Ripple Effect”. It’s like the first one, only on steroids! All the Best! – Dave


  3. Has any Government officials confronted you about that movie or your theories? I thank you for your courage very well done sir. Be safe.


  4. Dave, in (911: in plane site) have you noticed that the left wing of the plane that hit the south tower disappeared behind the building, which is clearly behind the tower where the shot was filmed.


  5. You rock Dave. Thank you for your activism, its greatly appreciated and respected. I only wish the sheeple would make a choice to not succumb to cognitive dissonance.


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